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Looking for higher productivity?
Look for premade bags!

Premade bags on a string

Premade bags on a string are consistently positioned accurately at the filling point. The result is a smooth and uniform packing process, avoiding product and packaging waste, as well as costly downtime.

Bag material as you prefer

Whatever material you prefer – we produce your bags to match your requirements: Whether bio-based or fossil based – whether recycled, recyclable, bio-degradable, compostable or not.

Classic bags formats and innovative constructions

Our classic bag formats are sold worldwide to pack and promote practically any product – from frozen food, over powdered products to confectionery – from pharmeceutical items, over petfood to DIY & technical products.
Are you looking for an eyecatching bag construction that will make your product stand out, we have the solution. We offer you a comprehensive selection of innovate constructions, or we simply engineer a unique solution for you.

All on same machine – without any changes

Whatever material, bag construction, filling method, or product type – no changes of the packaging machine are required. You can run it all on same machine.